Offering Three Summer Online Learning Opportunities for the First Time


Wheelock College | Online Learning at Home

For the first time, Wheelock College will offer three fully online undergraduate courses in addition to our usual selection of summer course offerings. Newly enrolled and returning students may search and view all 2014 summer course offerings on the Wheelock portal. You will need to log in to register. Non-matriculated students may enroll in up to 6 credits of undergraduate coursework before being formally admitted to a degree program. Summer courses may be taken for undergraduate credit or non-credit/professional development.

“Anthropology and the Family,” HDA 266, will investigate the organizations, functions and diversity of families in selected non-Western societies and in the United States. The course focuses on marriage, kinship, childhood, parenting, gender, motherhood, and fatherhood. farming societies, and market based societies. This course is taught by Eric K. Silverman, Associate Professor of American Studies and Chair, Psychology and Human Development.

“The Meaning & Development of Play,” HDP 362, will explore the meaning and development of play from infancy through adulthood through theories, research, and application. The course will examine the value of play in therapeutic, educational and medical settings, how the environment (including toys and media) influences play, how to support play, integrate it into professional work, and advocate for play. This course is taught by Petra Hesse, Associate Professor of Human Development.

“Globalization and Human Rights,” PSG 350, will explore the processes and outcomes of globalization and analyze basic Human Rights literature and its application to the global economy. Students will also discover how their daily actions and interactions impact the lives of others, particularly those in impoverished nations. This course is taught by Akeia Bernard, Assistant Professor of American Studies.

Please note that each of the online summer courses has prerequisites.


Newly enrolled and returning students should head to the Wheelock portal. See a list of all of Summer Undergraduate Courses including those in person on our Boston campus. Non-matriculated students may complete our Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Student Registration Form and fax it to 617-879-2099 or mail it to the Office of Admissions, Wheelock College, 200 The Riverway, Boston, MA 02215. Payment must be included at the time of registration. The cost is $570 per credit/$2,280 per 4-credit course.