One Student’s Passion for Environmental Studies


Wheelock College student Alexandra Goyette ’14 says Wheelock helped her become a passionate advocate for the environment by first teaching her to appreciate different points of view. “You begin to understand what people care about and why they care,” she said. While at Wheelock, Goyette worked with Prof. Ellen Faszewski to create and launch a new undergraduate major that fit her passions: the Environmental Studies bachelor’s degree program. In her spare time, Goyette started Wheelock Students for Environment Action (Whee-SEA), which received a grant to install beehives on campus and is currently seeking funds for an on-campus greenhouse.

“I really hope that it will bolster the environmental discussion on campus and get people talking about why need these relationships with nature.”

Wheelock College Environmental Studies Major

The Environmental Studies Major offers you a degree with the flexibility to explore the social, cultural, and scientific issues behind environmental issues and sustainability. As the population of the world grows, demands for energy, water, and food increase. These needs, in addition to changes in climate, promise to be defining issues of the century.

In addition to core courses in the natural sciences, you will also take courses in a variety of disciplines, such as math, health, food, energy, biodiversity history, or policy. This interdisciplinary approach will enable you to relate abstract concepts in the natural sciences to real-world issues. You will utilize problem solving skills to examine complex issues and you will develop strong communication skills as you articulate your viewpoint to others.

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