PHOTOS: Charcoal Drawing with Professor Greg Gomez


Professor Gregory Gómez is a painter and sculptor. He received his undergraduate degree from Grinnell College and an MFA Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri. He taught at the Maryland Institute, in Baltimore, Maryland, The Rhode Island School of Design, and Wellesley College before coming to Wheelock College. He teaches drawing and painting, both introductory and advanced levels. He also teaches printmaking, design, and computer imaging courses.

His introductory drawing class explores basic concepts of drawing, develops drawing skills as means of developing personal artistic expressiveness. Charcoal, pencil, brush and ink, pastel are used in still life, life drawing, landscape, and portraiture.

In the photos below, students the introductory drawing class participate in an exercise he calls Gestural Tools. He gradually adds objects to the two rectangular sheets and students capture the mass of the tools and objects with charcoal, but without contour lines.

He enjoys this assignment and it usually gets great results, helping students to enlarge their drawing to capture the mass of the objects with a gestural response.

Charcoal Drawing with Professor Greg Gomez