What is Political Science at Wheelock College?

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Amanda ManickasThinking about coming to Wheelock for Political Science but not sure of the program? Or maybe you are interested in politics and want to take electives during your time at Wheelock? Well, the Political Science and Global Studies major at Wheelock is interesting in compelling with not only the variety of classes that are offered, but also the experiences that each and every professor brings to the classroom. Personally, politics never interested me before I took Gender and Politics here at Wheelock. I always thought that it was boring and the information talked about in political science was not going to affect my life nor did it connect to anything I was interested in. Also, I have learned that I do have an internal voice in politics. What I mean is, I never thought that I actually had an opinion in different subject matters in politics, but through this class I have come to realize that I do actually care about what is going on outside of the situations I am in daily. However, from exploring a variety of different avenues of gender in politics through the semester, my eyes have opened to the ramifications of politics not only domestically, but internationally as well.

Like I said before, my gender and politics class has studied, analyzed and interpreted a variety of subject areas related to political science. Some examples of topics we have delved into are institutional versus non-institutional politics, political violence, masculinity in politics, gender identify and even more! Each and every topic that we have studied has enlightened me to how much of an opinion I really have in politics.

All of the subjects have undoubtedly been interesting to me; however, one in particular that sparked a cord in my mind was the week where we discussed gender identity and U.S. presidential politics. For class we read two articles: “Colbert Nation: Gender, Late-Night Television and, Candidate Humanization” and “Sitting With Oprah and Dancing With Ellen.” Both articles were engaging and offered an outlook on politics that I had never thought about before. Have you ever thought about how late night television influences politics? Or even how the moms watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show are influenced just from different speakers who come and talk? Take Gender and Politics to find out!

Amanda Manickas is a Developmental Psychology major from Lincoln, Rhode Island. Her minor is Understanding Autism and Communicative Disorders.

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