Professor Sandra McEvoy’s Unique Perspective on Political Science


Associate Professor of Political Science Sandra McEvoy came to Wheelock from a large think tank, where she focused on relationships between gender and conflict. She loved the work, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come to Wheelock and develop its undergraduate political science and global studies program.

“The opportunity to study those two fields from a very on-the-ground perspective is an opportunity that no one I know would pass up,” she says. McEvoy says Wheelock students are very savvy about what they need to learn to be competitive in their field. “Whatever profession my students find themselves in, I want them to leave my classroom with the ability to ask better questions and to understand situations in unique ways,” she says.

Political Science and Global Studies at Wheelock

In contrast to many traditional political science majors, Wheelock’s Political Science and Global Studies degree program focuses on how politics, on a local, national, and global level shape, and often limit the lives of marginalized groups. Choose from a compelling range of courses taught by professors in political science, anthropology, sociology, history, economics, women’s studies, and media studies, and learn about the ways that all our lives are intertwined. Students will understand the ways that local choices have global ramifications, and how to better appreciate that the struggle for equality knows no national borders.