Program Spotlight: Educator Mentor Corps

As attrition rates continue to hover between 30% to 50% for teachers during their first three years in the classroom, Aspire asked the question:  What can a growing pool of retired Baby-Boomer teachers do about this problem?   Our answer: the Educator Mentor Corps .

The   Educator Mentor Corps recruits exceptional retired teacher to serve as mentors to new teachers in preschools and public schools in the greater Boston area.  What began as  a small , grass-roots program with six volunteer mentors has grown to an AmeriCorps  service initiative with more than 20 mentors!

EMC mentors support teachers from early childhood education through high school in various areas, such as literacy, math, classroom management, and lesson planning . EMC mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, and are matched with mentees who can most benefit from their unique skills and knowledge. 

Karen Marshall  has recently joined Aspire as the Program Manager for the Educator Mentor Corps. Karen was formerly at Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA), where she served as a Social Work instructor , Co-Founder and Director for the Center for Responsibility and Justice, and Assistant Director for the Center for Academic Success.  She has also worked as a community organizer in Roxbury.   Karen joins Frannie Moyer , the EMC’s Lead Mentor (and first recruited volunteer-mentor!).  As Lead Mentor, Frannie offers ongoing professional development and guidance to mentors. 

Mentor with teacher