Put Down Your Phone and Provide Clean Water To a Child in Need


By Bianca Holmlund, Class of 2017

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a post about the UNICEF Tap Project. I watched the video and was instantly hooked. The UNICEF Tap Project is a UNICEF program where for every ten minutes you go without using your phone, a child gets a day of clean drinking water. Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life and other sponsors pay to provide the child with clean drinking water. You can also donate as little as $5 to provide a child with 200 days of clean drinking water! You can do this just by going on to uniceftapproject.org on your phone and following the steps.

I’ve always had a passion for providing clean water to people everywhere and this seemed like a great way to do just that. For all those who don’t think you can do this during the day because you cannot live without your phone, you can do it while you sleep or while you’re in class. If you do it while you are sleeping like I did when I first found out, you can provide 60 days of clean drinking water. I think we as a Wheelock community should all try to partake in this before it ends on Monday, March 31st. We can live our motto “To improve the lives of children and families” in our sleep because providing clean drinking water for kids improves their lives, letting them live another day.

Bianca Holmlund, Class of 2017, hopes to join Wheelock’s Child Life program, majoring in Developmental Psychology and minoring in Life Science. She is from Sharon, MA and is passionate about providing children with clean drinking water.

UNICEF Tap Project