Recent Grad Recommends Wheelock’s Special Education Program


Kelsey Lightfoot says that growing up in Asia, she saw a lack of available special education services that drove her to study Special Education in college. She was initially hesitant about Wheelock’s small size, but was drawn to the College’s reputation for excellence in the Special Education field. Now, she says Wheelock’s intimate campus and small class sizes gave her an experience she could not have gotten elsewhere. She says she developed a real closeness and kinship with the other students, especially those in the Special Education program.

“My professors have challenged and critiqued, and really held me up to high standards of excellence especially within special education, and I feel like I could not have gotten that attention elsewhere.”

Special Education at Wheelock College

The demand for special education teachers is growing rapidly. Inclusive classrooms, teacher education reforms requiring specialized training, and legislative initiatives for improved education and care have all contributed to this demand. Wheelock has a long tradition of preparing skilled and creative teachers who are passionate about making achievement possible for all children.

The program combines theory and research with hands-on experience and practical skills. The curriculum emphasizes social justice, and we are committed to equity for all children in our multicultural society.

You will learn to design an inclusive curriculum, create a supportive classroom, and utilize teaching strategies that meet the needs of different types of learners. During your field experiences, you will practice behavior management, collaborative problem solving, and formal and informal assessment.

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