Relaxation Night

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Erin Whooley is a senior majoring in Developmental Psychology and Child Life. She is also the President of the Wheelock Child Life Organization (WCLO). Erin and the members of WCLO organized Relaxation Night for the Wheelock community.

One of the many jobs of a child life specialist includes helping people manage stressful situations. Recently, WCLO decided to organize a Relaxation Night for all Wheelock students. We wanted to remind students of the importance of taking time to distress and relax, especially during busy times. For two hours, students could come to the Wolf Community Room in CCSR and check out the many stations that promoted relaxation.  Relaxation Night

The first station available to students was marble art. For this project, students used needless syringes to squirt paint onto their paper and then spread the paint around by rolling marbles onto it. Not only was this a fun and relaxing activity, it also showed how child life specialists use medical supplies in play.

The next station we chose was flubber. Students were able to mix glue, water, and borax to create a gooey and moldable activity that is fun for all ages. Students had a great time being able to add food coloring to the flubber and mold it into different shapes.

The most popular activity at relaxation night was sock heat wraps. We provided tube socks, rice, and scented oils for students to make microwavable heat wraps. These heat wraps are a great resource for students to have in their dorm rooms to wrap around their neck when they have aches and pains due to stress.

Another popular and simple activity that students enjoyed was working on coloring pages. Students colored intricate designs, called mandalas, that yielded beautiful results. While coloring may seem so elementary to some, picking up a crayon or marker really can relieve some stress.

Students also enjoyed the many snacks that we had to offer. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were available to be decorated by students with needless syringes. There were also smoothies made from fresh fruit and yogurt for anyone that came. And last but not least, there was dark chocolate for students to enjoy!

Students came out of Relaxation Night feeling rejuvenated, distressed, and relaxed. It is always important to remember to take time for yourself and do some of these relaxing activities!


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  1. It’s always nice to take an opportunity to de-stress like that.