Reynolds Comita ’20: Making a New Home, From Out-of-State


“I like all the support that everyone’s given me from being out-of-state.”

Many out-of-state students will spend their careers in college answering the question, “How’d you end up here?”

For incoming first-year student Reynolds Comita ’20, the decision to leave Forth Worth, TX for Boston and Wheelock wasn’t one she made lightly.

“I’ve done a lot of research. I watched the videos on YouTube. I’ve looked at the website. I’ve heard about it from friends.” One of those friends, a rising senior, she hopes will serve as her mentor this fall. And speaking of mentorship, it’s a big part of her wanting to be an educator. She shared early in her interview, “I love children,” adding, “I want to leave a legacy on a child’s life and be their mentor when they grow up.”

And in the meantime, how does Reynolds anticipate she’ll adjust to her new surroundings? It doesn’t sound like being an out-of-state student is going to be a problem for her. “I’ve always loved Boston. I like the cold. I like the snow. All my sports teams are up here.” With a confidence in her decision to join us in Boston, she shared, “I feel like Wheelock could give me the best education I could have.”