Robert Quinn ’86MS Publishes Article in Leading AIDS Magazine



Robert “Rob” Quinn ’86MS is an openly gay and passionate activist and educator for the HIV/AIDS community. During his more than 25 years as a certified child life specialist and his 22-year journey as a survivor not only living with HIV/AIDS but also thriving, he says he has “evolved from being an unheard voice to a voice for the unheard.” He continues: “Through local and statewide activism, education, outreach, and social media, I am increasing HIV/AIDS awareness and reducing HIV-related stigma.”

Rob recently published an article — “Heart-to-Heart: Long-Term HIV & Cardiovascular Health” — in  A&U Magazine, which is published by Art & Understanding, Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of A&U Magazine is to collect, archive, publish, and distribute the growing body of art, activism, and current events emanating from the AIDS pandemic. It was created for the HIV-affected community.

In the A&U article, Rob writes: “The best practice of HIV prevention and care involves more than programming that targets reducing new HIV infections and achieving viral suppression; it should prioritize creating health equity for all, including Long-Term Survivors (LTS). Health equity entails everyone having the opportunity to achieve their optimal level of health.”

“We LTS have experiences unique to long-term HIV survival, including extensive antiretroviral use and long-term side effects. Many LTS have served as our own advocates since embarking upon a journey that continues to bring us into new and uncharted territories.”

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