Running Cross Country


Alexander Kriz is majoring in Elementary Education and Political Science and Global Studies. He is the captain of the cross country team and shares his experience with you.

I have pursued running as one of my greatest passions in life, and have loved every mile of it. However, since I started running for Wheelock my hard work has finally paid off, and I feel truly rewarded and connected with the school.

Alexander - Cross Country

When I was appointed captain my coach looked at me and said, “Alex, it’s your time to lead. I’m relying on you.” These words resonated with me and inspired me to make the most out of my running career here at Wheelock. Thanks to the sport I have grown as a person, progressed academically, and now have a team that I can confidently call my family. We are there for each other, cheer one another on, and treat everyone with respect. We have developed a sense of camaraderie that is unparalleled by anything I have experienced.

All of the benefits I have received from running cross country have certainly not come without a price. It has truly been hard work for the entire season and has made everything all the more worth it. When you are an athlete at a school such as Wheelock, everything you do is reflected upon who you are. You represent the school as a whole and must realize that your actions follow as such. Having this in mind builds you into a better person; one that is geared towards being the best representation of what you stand for.