Lesley Siebel ’16MS Found Community and Innovation Through Her Online Degree


“I love seeing kids learn. It’s really exciting- they show you new things you didn’t know, and it’s fostering that desire to learn and love for education.”

Lesley Siebel ’16MS loves the element of discovery inherent in math and science. Students investigate and experiment to learn instead of being told what to know. She soon learned her Online Masters Degree program in Educational Studies shared many of the same qualities. Although she was skeptical at first about how she’d succeed in an online environment, her nervousness was eased by a community of classmates and a curriculum that changed the way she thought about teaching. The inquiry-based learning method translated easily through online lectures and accompanying video, showing her ways of educating she’d never seen before. Now that she’s completed her degree, she’s excited to share her love of learning with students, while also learning new things from them.