Wheelock College-Singapore Students Visit Boston for a Five-Week Summer Immersion Program


The fourth cohort of the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education offered by Wheelock College in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology is on the Wheelock College campus for a five-week Summer Immersion Program. This is the ninth consecutive summer during which the College has hosted undergraduate students froWheelock College-Singapore Students visit the Ladd Room at the Hawes Building on the Brookline Campusm Singapore. While here, the 66 students live in Riverway House, take three classes, undertake a two-day placement in a child care center in a museum setting, and experience all that Boston has to offer, including its heritage.

The Singapore students have completed Helping Children Cope with Stress with Paul Thayer, Wheelock College associate professor of Education and Child Life and co-chair of the Department of Child Life and Family Studies, along with Lavina Chong ’03MS, a Wheelock College-Singapore instructor who joined the cohort’s venture to the U.S. Last week, they took Field Studies in Environmental Science with Ellen Faszewski, Wheelock College professor of Biology and co-chair of Math and Science, along with Mona Tan, another Wheelock College-Singapore instructor visiting Boston with the Singapore students. The final course they will take is with the Wheelock Family Theatre.

Recently, the Singapore students met with Jennifer Rice, Wheelock College vice president for Development and Alumni Relations, and Michelle McLaughlin, associate director of Alumni Relations, to learn about the ongoing relationship between the College and its alumni. There was much enthusiasm when Jennifer and Michelle offered prizes for correct answers in Wheelock College trivia.