Social Media in College Admissions


Social Media in College Admissions

As part of Wheelock’s ongoing commitment to bring together leaders who are shaping the field of education, we invited high school guidance counselors and other college-readiness professionals onto our campus for a professional development workshop titled “The Influence of Technology and Social Media on Today’s College Admission.”

Keynote Speaker Jeremi Karnell, co-founder of bigSTORY, said it’s the role of guidance counselors to help shape the narratives of students who plan to continue to use social media to curate their personal brand.

Counselor Mary Green from Grafton High School said the session helped her think about critical issues surrounding students and the ways they use technology. “As a guidance counselor, it’s critical to keep really up to date on new trends,” she said.

Panelist Dr. Adrian K. Haugabrook, Wheelock vice president for student success and engagement, said the ways students are using media in their college search is very different from last year, forget 5-10 years ago and the session’s goal was to help counselors better understand these tools so they can work even more productively with all students and institutions. For example, Calvin Conyers, Wheelock’s senior associate director of undergraduate admissions, says Facebook can be a very useful tool to help students communicate with each other during the admissions process and once they arrive on campus. “The interaction helps students break out of their comfort zone,” he says. He says more students are expressing themselves to admissions teams through personal resumes and video essays that can help make a 2D application become more 3-dimensional. Karnell says guidance counselors can play a key role in helping students take the personal narrative they may have already created via social media and help them marry that narrative to the institution that’s the best fit for them.


If your role involves advising high school students on their college journey, please join us for our next session on March 29, 2016. We will discuss “The Affordability and College Readiness Equation,” with a keynote by Richard Doherty, President, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts. 

Header Image based on “Instagram and other Social Media Apps” by Jason Howie, CC-BY-2.0.