Solutions in Action: Education is key to Independence and Health of Tanzanian Women


In 1992, Robert V. Lange founded the International Collaborative for Science, Education, and the Environment, a non-profit corporation which began its programs by helping to establish women’s businesses and clean water resources in remote Zanzibar villages.  As a supporter for a secondary school in the Maasai village of Eluwai, the ICSEE was invited by the school’s founder to visit and evaluate the problems of health-threatening indoor smoke and high wood fuel consumption plaguing the homes of the people. When Dr. Lange viewed the conditions the Maasai were facing, he decided to focus on this area as one particularly appropriate for the stove and solar work of the ICSEE.

Dr. Lange studied at the California Institute of Technology and received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics from Harvard University. After post-doctoral research at Oxford, he became a faculty member of Brandeis University where he is retired and continues to teach in the Sustainable International Development master degree program of the Heller School. Lange’s work in Tanzania began twenty five years ago when he when he joined the faculty of the University of Dar es Salaam as a visiting physics professor in 1986. Meet Dr. Lange and other change agents at the 2013 Global Challenges Conference.

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