Staying Connected as a Transfer Student


Alexander Kriz, a second year student majoring in Elementary Education and Global Studies, talks about how he has been able to stay connected to the Wheelock community as a transfer and commuter student.

I am a transfer student who lives a half hour away from campus. One would think the combination of those two things would mean I have the hardest time becoming a part of the Alex-Picture for Transfer postWheelock community. On the contrary, I have never connected with a school faster than I have here. This college has a very tight-knit group of people that everyone is a part of. Simply walking through campus in the middle of the day guarantees you to see someone that you know. The feeling you get from being constantly surrounded by the amazing friends you make here is incomparable to any other setting.

The clubs offered here has been the biggest thing that helps me stay connected to the school. I have joined the school’s sign choir, gay-straight alliance, environmental club, and other small organizations on campus. Making the effort to come all the way to campus for these club meetings every night makes being a part of them all the more satisfying. While in these clubs you are momentarily surrounded by friends that all share a similar interest as you. Being passionate about whatever that interest is connects you with them and establishes amazing friendships that you may not have made otherwise. The school does all it can to provide students with opportunities to join social groups, and is definitely one of the best aspects of being at a college such as Wheelock.