Student Spotlight: Senior Dejon Rice, Advocate for Youth


A Young and Determined Entrepreneur and Unwavering Advocate for Youth

Dejon Rice, originally from Dorchester, MA, will graduate from Wheelock College in December of 2015 after transferring from Bunker Hill Community College in September of 2013. Some find it challenging to carry a full collegiate class load. Can you imagine doing so while being the young founder and chief executive officer of a successful organization for the betterment of children? Dejon, a Psychology and Human Development major with a minor in Leadership for Community and Civic Engagement, certainly can.

Wheelock College Senior Dejon Rice
Wheelock College Senior Dejon Rice

Dejon founded Boston’s Bridge to Excellence (BBTE) in 2011 to empower youth from economically distressed areas. In 2011, the program, then not yet licensed in the state of Massachusetts, resided at the Boston Center for Youth and Families (BCYF) at the Cleveland Community Center, where Dejon volunteered as a tutor and mentor to high school students. Now, after relentless perseverance and diligence by Dejon, the program is Boston’s Bridge to Excellence, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization licensed through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care in partnership with the Maurice J. Tobin K-8 School where it now resides as a before- and after-school program throughout the school year and full-day program in the summer.

For the full story, look for the Summer 2015 issue of Wheelock Magazine.