Student Success Programs Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals

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What fun would college be if you failed? Wheelock College has a Student Success program in place to make sure you achieve your goals and have a wonderful experience here in the Fenway area of Boston.

Our Academic Support Services include:

  • Academic Advising – The Office of Academic Advising is a department within Wheelock’s Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Bridge Program – The Wheelock College Bridge Program gives selected incoming first-year students a head start on building a foundation for success at college
  • Disability Services – Students with diagnosed learning or physical disabilities may be eligible to receive specialized services and accommodations under state and federal laws
  • Peer Tutoring –  Peer tutors are available free of charge to all students who need one-on-one academic assistance. 
  • Earl Center – Students use this innovative, hands-on workspace to explore, work, and play with materials and technologies designed to support the growth and development of children and their families.
  • Study Lounge – Home to the Academic Assistance and Disability Services programs, the Study Lounge is located on Floor 2 of the library
  • Writing Consultants – Peer writing consultants are available free of charge to assist undergraduate and graduate students with writing assignments.

Learn more about these services!

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  1. As the mother to a high school junior, I’m just starting to explore college options with my daughter. I am impressed that Wheelock is so dedicated to the success of students that they’ve created a whole program focused on it. Thank you so much for posting such an informative (and encouraging!) video demonstrating various aspects of the program. I’ve definitely added Wheelock to our list of possibilities!