Teaching English in Costa Rica with Proyecto Montezuma


Wheelock Alum Michele LaMountain shares her experience of teaching english in Costa Rica at Proyecto Montezuma.

My name is Michele LaMountain and I graduated Wheelock College in 2010 after studying fine arts and early childhood education. My passions are teaching and traveling. I would like to share my recent journey of becoming certified in teaching English (TEFL), as well as the opportunities that were provided through Wheelock, and lastly, steps that you can take to teach and travel.

I taught English in Montezuma, Costa Rica at an on-the-ocean school called, Proyecto Montezuma. They have their own accommodations and teach Spanish and surf classes too. Visit their website and look for me under staff. I get to teach Yoga with children and families! It’s a great organization and I will provide my personal experiences of how it has impacted me. Proyecto Montezuma helped develop my curriculum writing skills and teaching philosophy by allowing me to observe and teach adult English classes, work one-on-one with locals, and volunteer at nearby schools and other community events.

At the end of each month, upon completion of hours and passed exams, each TEFL student graduates with an internationally recognized TEFL certification. Kerry Bowers, founder and academic director of Proyecto, meets individually with students about achieving future teaching goals as well as around-the-world networking.

Wheelock Alum Michele LaMountain shares her experience of teaching english in Costa Rica at Proyecto Montezuma.
Michele LaMountain ’10

Wheelock offered me an education and opportunities that have shaped my career and life experiences. During college, I received hands-on training while interning at schools in Boston and studying abroad in Australia. These skills led me to discover my potential and allowed me to fulfill my goal of teaching and living in a foreign country.

Proyecto Montezuma provides Costa Ricans a chance to earn an English certificate. In a small, tourist town, local Costa Ricans use their language skills to find or remain working in the area. We see many students in town working at restaurants, hotels, or as artisans, and surf instructors.

I would like to give other students the same life-changing experience, while continuing my work of supporting Proyecto. Please contact me at michelelamt@gmail.com if you would like to know more about my journey or if you would like to create your own!

Watch this video to learn more about Proyecto Montezuma Adult English Lessons:

Photo by Javier Bacchetta [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. So proud of you Michele!

    Love, Rache

  2. Interesting I also studied fine arts in uni and later taught English abroad in China, Korea and Taiwan. I wonder what the requirements are to teach in Costa Rica. I heard it’s a happy place.