The Discussion Begins Now / 10 Years of Social Work At Wheelock

The 10th Anniversary of Wheelock College’s First MSW Graduating Class

and Professional Development Conference

Starts With A  Pre-Conference Discussion…Now!

Friday, March 23rd, come and reconnect with Alumni, Faculty and Social Work Students on campus all day. 

The following questions come from Conference Presenters, looking to introduce their presentation topics ahead of time to give you a chance to weigh in with your thoughts and experience.  Let’s have a rolling discussion! Post your opinions, questions, concerns and responses to other participants in the Comments field below.

Michael Langlois, MSW, LICSW comes to Wheelock College Michael Langlois, MSW, LICSW , affiliated with Harvard Medical School, the Cambridge Health Alliance and Boston College Graduate School for Social Work asks:

How much time should kids spend playing games?


Are violent games bad for people?

  Jackie Woodside comes to Wheelock College Jackie Woodside, MSW, LICSW, CPC, El-MP , speaker, trainer and coach asks…

What would you do if you lost EVERYTHING?


Have you noticed the degree to which you are always busy? Do you feel productive at the end of the day or week?

What is the difference between managing time and managing your personal energy?

How do you combat the constant pressures and demands of our work world?


Josh Garon, MSW ’09, LICSW , Chelsea Soldiers’ Home, Social Services-Quigley Memorial Hospital Long-Term Care asks…

What are helpful strategies, working with and/or living with, older adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia?

Do wars really ever end? What are some lingering aspects that may still affect older adults?



Re: balancing demands of work… not always well, I’m sad to say. On a good day, my list is prioritized and I don’t work on thing next until thing 1 is done. Then, there’s email. Most email management advice blogs or articles are basically the same, here is a good one:

Posted @ Wednesday, March 21, 2012 9:05 PM by Michael from Boston

Caregivers often sacrifice their own wellness when attending to those with dementia. Reminding people that self care is a critical component of effective care giving can be a helpful strategy.
Looking forward to hearing from all the speakers at tomorrow’s conference!

Posted @ Thursday, March 22, 2012 2:55 PM by Diane Zipoli