This Junior Takes Full Advantage of Every Opportunity at College

Akeda Marie Hunter, Wheelock Class of 2019, has taken full advantage of every opportunity while at Wheelock College. She is a member of the Track and Field team, is involved with several student groups, and works as an Admissions Ambassador. All this while double-majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Youth Justice and Advocacy.

“Yes, I’m an athlete, yes, I’m involved in campus, and yes, I work a lot. But my education is what’s important.”

Akeda said she was first attracted to Wheelock because of its mission: to improve the lives of children and families. While she felt an immediate connection, she visited the college five times before she committed to attending. At first, she planned to major in counseling psychology with the hope of eventually launching her own private practice. But after exploring further, she discovered the Psychology Major’s Child, Family, and Culture focus, and decided to pair that with a second major in Youth Justice and Advocacy. Her goal is to work with middle- and high-school aged youth.

She said all of her activities have helped her grow as a student and a person. In particular, her job as an Admissions Ambassador has helped her develop leadership skills and build her resume. “It’s also character building, she says. “I’ve been offered a lot of different types of paid internships and different opportunities. It’s worth it in the end because when people look at it, they’re like WOW, you’ve done this and you can do all of this. I feel like people will very much see all that and say, yeah, this is the kind of person I want to hire.”

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