Tough Enough to Become Change Agents


This powerful spoken word piece, written and performed by Wheelock alum Lissa Piercy ‘14BSW, lays out the questions, the challenges, and the large and small victories experienced by Wheelock students on their way to becoming change agents. “Are you bold enough to stand up for the person who is not in the room?” she asks. “Humble enough to sit and listen when they are? Are you eager enough to learn?”

At Wheelock College, we know that improving the lives of children and families isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Our range of liberal arts and professional programs give students the tools they need to make a positive impact, whatever their chosen field.

Lissa’s poem highlights several Wheelock students who had an impact, including an undergraduate who helped launch a new Environmental Studies major and create an on-campus honey bee colony. “In her senior year, she stands next to astronaut Col. Douglas Wheelock at the launch of the program and when Wheelock brings in builders to find homes for honey bees on our campus, she realizes that her passion will not leave with the cap and gown she’s handed upon graduation.”

The poem closes with a challenge: “Tough enough is not some distant moment when we pick a career of service,” the piece continues. “It is gathering together late at night to protest something that went wrong. It is utilizing access to bring activists to our campus… We have the tools before Convocation Day. The question is, are we tough enough to use them?”

At Wheelock, our students are tough enough to inspire a world of good.