The Transfer Student Experience at Wheelock College


At Wheelock College, we value the experience and maturity that transfer students bring with them. That’s why we make it an easy and open process to transfer. The transfer application process can be completed online for free. Once an application is submitted, they will receive a decision from Wheelock in just three to four weeks.

Wheelock accepts up to 67 transfer credits and will work with students on a transfer evaluation. You can send in your transcript from your current college or university or up to five previously attended colleges. The admissions office will do a formal review with the registrar’s office and complete a side-by-side analysis of which credits will be accepted.

Potential transfer students are urged to visit the campus and to ask questions. Students can visit up to three times to sit in on a class or check out the library.

We are happy to give our students the opportunity to apply for a merit scholarship if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Scholarships can be up to $12,500. No application is necessary.

At Wheelock, it’s our goal for you to be successful as a transfer student and for you to earn a degree in a program that you’re truly passionate about.