Truck Day: Wheelock and the Red Sox!


Spring is just around the corner!  A few weeks ago was the wonderful holiday Bostonians refer to as Truck Day.  The Red Sox pack up a huge truck and send it off to Fort Myers for Spring Training.  There are usually a few players and management appearances and it is a good way to be reminded that baseball is coming!  truck day pictureThis year was especially fun because everyone was reminded that we had just won the World Series.  My friend and I got to Fenway around 9:30 and it was freezing.  Thankfully, Dunkin Donuts was there handing out free hot chocolate and it kept us nice and warm.  We watched the movers expertly load tons of sunflower seeds, baseballs, suitcases, boxes of uniforms, a few bikes and anything you could think of onto a truck like an expert game of tetris.  Once the truck was filled to its capacity, the driver closed it up and secured the truck and started his police escort out of the city.  As they were leaving, the Sox employees were on the back of a flatbed truck throwing out foam baseballs, dancing and singing.  Although it was freezing and early in the morning, it was a great way to be reminded that spring is coming and the Red Sox will be back and ready to go in a few short months!  This year not many front office guys were there, but in years past I have had some of Larry Lucchino’s homemade chocolate chip cookies (YUM) and gotten the chance to talk to him about the upcoming season which is always interesting and fun.  Truck Day brings Red Sox nation together for the first time in the new year and it really gets me excited for the season to start!


-Caelin Mooney  ‘15