VIDEO: 34 Years of Social Work Education at Wheelock College

This video highlights Wheelock College’s strengths-based, community-focused approach to Social Work education over the last 34 years. At Wheelock, social workers are taught how to equip and support the people they work with to help them build on their own strengths and abilities to become the healthiest, strongest people they can be.

“We equip. We train. We teach. We support.”

“We don’t come in and change the world,” says Social Work Dean Hope Haslam Straughan. “We come in and come alongside people. We equip. We train. We teach. We support.” Wheelock social work students and faculty talk about the ways they use their social work education in combination with the creative arts, youth justice and advocacy, tutoring, and many other areas of practice as a means to help people who might be struggling.