VIDEO: A Conversation with Eric Silverman, Cultural Anthropologist


We’re not just knowledge for knowledge’s sake. We’re much more about how can we translate knowledge’s into the world, into global citizenship, into making a difference.

Professor Eric Silverman of Wheelock College is a cultural anthropologist who strives to help his students make connections between their personal experiences, the material they are learning in the classroom, and the rest of the world. Professor Silverman’s classes look at American culture but also how people construct their daily lives around the world. Using a dialogue-based classroom format, Wheelock is about gaining and contextualizing knowledge so that students are able to turn it into making a difference in the world.

Eric Silverman teaches in the American Studies and Human Development departments. Are you interested in understanding how children, adolescents, and adults think? How we emotionally develop and learn? The role of ethnicity and gender in shaping who we are? Are you concerned about the influence of the media on children? Do you wonder how changing social and cultural contexts affect individuals? Do you want to understand human behavior? Psychology and Human Development offers a broad array of courses with an emphasis on children and families in relation to culture.

This major explores such fundamental questions by learning about human development from multiple perspectives. Students utilize psychology, sociology, and anthropology to study how humans relate to one another, and how individuals and groups change. You will delve into topics such as child and adolescent development, cultural dynamics of globalization, children’s rights, family policies, and racial identity.

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