VIDEO: Learning Communications and Media Literacy for Social Justice


Wheelock College’s Communications & Media Literacy undergraduate degree program is the place for students who have a passion for making media that impacts communities for the better. The program trains students to effectively use cutting edge media tools to tell stories that encourage positive social change. Prof. Daniel Owusu says his approach with students is to be a mentor first and a teacher second, building strong relationships in which students feel supported and able to do their best work. “Students almost become like family,” he says. “We don’t stop hearing from them after graduation.”

Mass media is one of the most powerful tools in use today—shaping our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. The ability to critically analyze, craft and deliver information using a variety of media—print, TV, radio, and the web—are important and highly marketable skills in fields ranging from education and nonprofits to business and government.

“If you want to make media that will impact communities for the better, we have a very pinpoint focus on social justice.”

Through this major, you will learn about the power of media, become media literate, and learn how to create compelling communications to educate, inform, motivate, and mobilize people to promote positive change for children, families, and society.

The Media Literacy track is for students interested in careers working with children and families, where it will useful to educate youth to be media-literate. The Media Production track is for students who aspire to a communications career requiring strong hands-on skills in content development and production for print, video, and digital media. Learn more about our communications and media literacy programs.

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