VIDEO: Student Government Association Is a Great Way to Get Involved


Stephanie Kilday knew before attending college that she wanted to work with children and the Child Life program at Wheelock College is a perfect fit. Starting freshman year, she says she began learning about the field and getting to know her fellow students. But she says she really started getting most out of college when she joined the Student Government Association (SGA). She says getting involved with an organization like SGA teaches you about the college and about yourself.

The Wheelock College Student Government Association represents the student body and acts as a liaison between students, administration and alumni. The executive board officers oversee student leaders and organizations while providing constant support to the community. The Student Government Association acts as a resource to enrich student life and enhance the culture of Wheelock College. As leaders, these individuals advocate for and empower students to express their voices and reach their fullest potential.

The Student Government Association was established as the representative organization for all students. Its functions are to act upon issues and concerns of the student body, to be knowledgeable about and sponsor activities on campus, to maintain effective lines of communication with the faculty and administrators of Wheelock, and to facilitate student involvement in activities in the surrounding neighborhood.

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