VIDEO: What’s Your Major? Performing and Visual Arts


Amos Jackson ’18 is a Performing and Visual Arts major at Wheelock College. He started singing and acting when he was in fifth grade. “I just love the thrill of being onstage and seeing everyone’s faces,” he says. “Knowing I’m the same person, but I can play a different character and make [the audience] laugh or feel other emotions.”

Jackson says Wheelock’s theatre arts program–which enjoys a close relationship with the professional Wheelock Family Theatre–is such a welcoming environment that the students and faculty are like a second family. He recommends a theatre major if you really enjoy connecting with other people on an emotional level.

Performing and Visual Arts at Wheelock College

The arts define and communicate what it is to be human. They entertain, question, inspire, and inform. Through our Performing and Visual Arts majors, you will explore the relationships among art, literature, culture, and history. These programs blend scholarship and artistic process. They teach you to think critically and to express your own creative vision. Wheelock offers three Arts majors: B.A. in Visual Arts, B.A in Performing Arts, and B.A. in Art History.

Wheelock provides an ideal backdrop to your studies. Each year, the Wheelock Family Theatre presents three professional productions on campus, and Wheelock’s Towne Art Gallery mounts four professional art exhibitions. The Performing Arts program of the Colleges of the Fenway provides many opportunities for co-curricular activity in the performing arts.

You may choose to combine your Performing and Visual Arts major with a professional major in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Social Work, or Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy. You may also minor in Community Arts, Music, Theatre, Studio Art, Art History, or Performing Arts (through Colleges of the Fenway). In addition, you may choose the Arts for your undergraduate major as part of Wheelock’s dual degree program leading to a master’s in Child Life. You can also tailor – or combine – programs into a learning experience that’s right for you.