VIDEO: A Hands-on Approach to Science Education Prepares Students to Share Knowledge with Others


Wheelock College Professor Ellen Faszewski explains how Wheelock’s hands-on approach to science education boosts students’ confidence, gets them excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts, and prepares them to share their knowledge with others. Wheelock’s small, tight-knit community allows students to have one-to-one interactions with faculty members and provides many opportunities to do research and diver deeper into concepts. Dr. Faszewski notes that Wheelock’s focus on integrating research with teaching allows professors to bring their knowledge of current research into the classroom and really engage their students. Wheelock students use their skills to become leaders in challenging and vital fields like teaching, social work, child advocacy, child life, juvenile justice, and many others.

Ellen Faszewski, Chair and Associate Professor of Math and Science, is a cell and developmental biologist whose primary research interests are amphibian development and sponge immunology. She also has an interest in science education, including work with pre and in-service teachers as well as in curriculum development.

The Mathematics and Science major offers you an opportunity to gain a deep appreciation for some of humanity’s greatest achievements and to participate more fully in the world around you. You’ll improve your capacity to solve problems, to justify your reasoning, and to communicate that reasoning to others. You will have opportunities for field trips, internships, leadership, research, and community service that enhance the classroom experience.

For future teachers, the major also offers excellent preparation in specialized mathematical knowledge for teaching and in inquiry-based teaching methods in both math and science.

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