What’s Your Major? Developmental Psychology and Visual Arts


Ashley Fortier ’18 says her visual arts major helps give her perspective.

“I think the skills you learn in art class … are skills about understanding other perspectives”

Ashley says she is passionate about making a difference in the autism community and her major is a perfect fit to help her achieve her goals. She says she chose her second major, Visual Arts, even though she had no art experience in high school because she felt it would help her understand and appreciate other people’s perspectives.

“I knew it would help me in the long run,” she says. “When you start as a Visual Arts major at Wheelock it’s not about being an experienced painter….Everybody here at Wheelock really appreciates when other people succeed and that really struck me.”

Your Arts Major at Wheelock

The arts define and communicate what it is to be human. They entertain, question, inspire, and inform. Through an Arts major, you will explore the relationships among art, literature, culture, and history. These programs blend scholarship and artistic process. They teach you to think critically and to express your own creative vision.

In addition to supporting the interests of individual students, an Arts major complements professional preparation in teaching, juvenile justice, social work, and child life. Students who have explored and developed their own creative processes are in an excellent position to nurture creative potential in the children and adults with whom they work.

Ashley Fortier is majoring in Developmental Psychology and Visual Arts. Her B.A. in Visual Arts includes drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, and digital imaging. Art history courses will build your core knowledge and critical thinking skills. Studio courses will strengthen your technique and sharpen your creativity. You will have the opportunity to exhibit your work at Wheelock’s Towne Art Gallery.

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