Weekend Adventures


Eric Grant, a freshman double majoring in Elementary Education and Communications and Media Literacy, shares with you how he spent Veterans Day weekend at Wheelock. During the weekend, it’s always fun to meet with your friends and explore the city.

Living a couple hours away doesn’t always make it easy for me to go home frequently. Therefore, I spend the majority of my weekends at Wheelock. I decided to stay at Wheelock Eric-bowl for postfor Veterans Day weekend and had an amazing experience. A majority of my friends, even those who live in the area, stayed on campus during that weekend. It really gave me the opportunity to explore Wheelock’s campus and Boston.

On Saturday, one of my upperclassman friends mentioned she needed to go to the ceramics studio to work on a couple of projects and asked me to join her. I was very excited because I was unaware as to where our ceramics studio is located. Our studio is located below our Wheelock Family Theater and has the utilities of a professional ceramics studio. I used the pottery wheel and constructed a bowl. My friend then showed me how to remove the bowl from the pottery wheel, which was more of a process than expected. She even had my bowl fired in the kiln so we would be able to return to the studio the following weekend to glaze it.

We also took an adventure to buy her a pair of boots on Monday. We went to multiple stores, some we hadn’t heard of like a small store called Soles for the Soul. Eventually we decided to go to a large chain store like Marshalls to find the right pair of boots. There is a Marshalls only a five minute walk from Wheelock. Since we were already off campus, we decided to go to a Marshalls on Boylston Street. We walked into the building and it was a beautiful marble building with cathedral ceilings. Although we may have really been looking for a pair of boots we stumbled upon a truly beautiful space.