We are a community of national and international educators, practitioners, researchers, philanthropists, students, and policy leaders exploring pressing issues affecting children, youth, and families in education, health, and human rights.

This year we will gather at Wheelock College, as it celebrates its 125th Anniversary, to participate in the 2013 International Conference. At the conference we will examine the interconnectedness of global challenges and opportunities for young people and families. ┬áToday’s children and families face myriad challenges in education, health, and human rights. Globalization means that, now more than ever, we need new wisdom, policies, and practices that unlock the potential of all children and families. We need to share research about development with families and educators around the world, assisting them in thinking about the implications for developmentally appropriate policies and practices. We need to determine how best to gather, analyze, and disseminate research findings on the effects of trauma from a decade of war and worldwide natural disasters on generations of children.

At the international conference, Wheelock will convene leading national and international experts to pursue, document, and share promising practices and innovative solutions.