What Education Mean to This Mix Media Artist


larry winn jrMy name is Larry Wynn Jr. I am a senior at Wheelock College Studying Counseling Psychology and Visual Arts with a minor in Political Science. I am a mix media artist whose work has been displayed in numerous places; I have a permanent installed piece in the Wheelock Library. With my degree I hope to later get my Masters in Art Therapy, and work with the youth in my community.

I wanted to get involved in the International Conference because the topics that are being discussed are extremely important and are ongoing issues that affect so many people around the world. I think it is good to talk, discuss, and plan out ways where we can come together and make a change.

I feel passionate about all of the topics being discussed at the conference, but Human Rights and Education I feel most passionate about. Every human being in this world is born with a set of human rights that cannot be taken away or change by anyone. I believe that we need to ensure that these human rights are met and understood. Education is part of those human rights; it’s the gateway of opportunity, accomplishments, and a pathway to achieving goals. Everyone Child and adult should be able to achieve their goals.

I am looking forward to hearing many of the conference speakers, I enjoy listening and learning from different people who will have a different view on each topic. Some speakers I am looking forward to be Kerry Kennedy, Marianne Adams, Gail Dines, and many other speakers.

            I am looking forward to the discussion on art in education. Art is important to me. I think every child should be able to experience the arts in schools because the art is a tool of self-expression and freedom. It allows a child to have a voice and it forces people to stop in listen. I think that that is very important.  I am looking forward to the “Prostitution, Trafficking, Human Rights: Political, Economic & Gendered Dimensions” session, and the “Violence and Mental Health: A Growing, Untreated Crisis & What We Can Do About It” session as well. These topics are extremely interesting to me, and are topics that I have been studying at Wheelock College. I would like to learn more information, and learn about way I could help stop these current issues.

About the Author:   My name is Larry Wynn Jr, I am from Boston, Ma. I am a senior at Wheelock College, and a Student Ambassador for this conference. I am double majoring in Counseling Psychology and Visual Arts with a minor in Political Science. I am interested in the arts in education and art therapy, mental health issues and  I am also interested in human rights and globalization issues. I am looking forward to meeting and learning from you all. Please contact me if you have any question, or if you would like to have a discussion about these topics.