What Makes Family Theater So Special?

Wheelock Family Theater serves the needs of the entire community! Wheelock Family Theatre (WFT) is the only theatre in New England with an education program sustained by a professional theatre and an institution of higher education—Wheelock College—whose mission is focused on child development, early childhood education, and improving the quality of life for children and families.

Through WFT’s education program, established in 1983, we have offered classes to thousands of young people, hundreds of whom have also had the opportunity to develop their creativity in WFT productions and to be mentored by professional actors and directors.  The primary focus of our education program is supporting a child’s intellectual, emotional, creative, and social development through drama activities.  Several of our students have enjoyed prominent national careers (such as Academy Award-winner Matt Damon).  However, we believe true success is not measured by fame, but through instilling in our students lifelong values of creativity, compassion, and respect for others.

WFT creates intergenerational and multicultural productions that provide a shared experience for the whole family.  Among increasingly few institutions, we are committed to serving and supporting families of all kinds.  Our productions celebrate the diverse range of families found in the world today and seek to unite them in the shared experience of live theatre.  We are especially dedicated to those who are historically under-served:  people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income families. We know that it is not only children who are “at risk” in our society, but entire families and communities.

It is a young person’s experience that is at the heart of our mission.

Wheelock Family Theatre believes:

  • That respect and affection can build self-esteem and nurture young talent beyond anyone’s expectation.
  • That demanding professionalism teaches self discipline.
  • That giving responsibility inspires responsible behavior.
  • That the sense of accomplishment young people feel from doing even the tiniest of parts let alone some of the biggest roles they may ever create will give them a chance to express themselves, appreciate their capacity to create – in some cases, will give them hope, fill a void, offer an escape from stressful situations.

At best, involvement in theatre can help young people to excel in all areas of their lives and, at the very least, offers them an unforgettable experience.  At Wheelock Family Theatre we believe live theatre transforms lives.