What’s Your Major? Elementary Education and Performing Arts


Kyssandra Perkowski, part of Wheelock College’s Class of 2016, is majoring in Elementary Education and Performing Arts. A friend who was graduating from Wheelock told Kyssandra the college might be a good fit for her. At an Info Session, she asked how she might be able to blend her passion for teaching with her love of dance. “I learned that I could use dance in my classroom,” she says.

“I have been able to connect with faculty here who do exactly what I want to do.”

“I have been able to connect with faculty here who do exactly what I want to do: bring movement into the classroom.” Kyssandra says she has made full use of resources from across the college, the Colleges of the Fenway, and the city of Boston to shape her degree program to exactly suit her interests. “Wheelock is extremely welcoming to your ideas–they say ‘why do you want to do this and how can we help you get there?'” she says.

Elementary Education at Wheelock

Our Elementary Education program combines educational content and theory with hands-on experience in real classrooms in public schools near Wheelock. You’ll explore the social history of teaching in America and how it has influenced education today. You will learn curriculum and child development, as well as how racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and class differences affect children’s behavior and advancement. You’ll learn math and science in an accessible and engaging way.

In addition to a professional major in Elementary Education, you’ll choose one of our innovative Arts and Sciences majors. This dual-major structure provides the strong knowledge and skills you’ll need to teach literacy, math, science, social studies, technology, and the arts to elementary school students. Our B.A in Performing Arts includes the study and performance of theatre, music, and dance. You will learn and apply improvisation and acting techniques, and study musical forms from around the world. The resident Wheelock Family Theatre provides opportunities both onstage and backstage. Kyssandra Perkowski found that combining Education and Performing Arts was right for her.