What’s Your Major? Elementary Education & Math for Teaching


Sheelagh Cook, part of Wheelock College’s Class of 2018, is majoring in Elementary Education and Math for Teaching. She wanted to live in Boston while she attended college and knew she wanted to work with children, making Wheelock a great choice for her.

As opposed to most colleges with mathematics majors, Wheelock College focuses on the math itself as well as how math subjects should be taught to different types of children. In addition to her Education double major, Sheelagh is pursuing a minor in Performing Arts through the College of the Fenway consortium. She says the Performing Arts minor has allowed her to meet students at the other five member colleges and has also given her class-management tools she can use to keep her future students engaged.

“I just really love working with kids and seeing their minds work.”

Wheelock College wants to prepare our students for the real world and puts an emphasis on field experience. Sheelagh has so far worked in a preschool and an 8th grade classroom as part of her Wheelock experience. “It was great to see the differences between a 3 year old and a 14 year old,” Sheelagh says. “I just really love working with kids and seeing their minds work and seeing their reactions to things I helped them with. That’s what led me to Education.”