What’s Your Major? Human Growth and Development


Amanda Kalander, a member of Wheelock’s Class of 2016, loved the one-on-one relationships she developed in her Jumpstart field assignment. She became intrigued by the ways that community and the issues children are facing really shape and develop who they are, which is why she chose to major in Human Growth and Development.

She became interested in working with adults with autism after her experience at a YMCA day camp working with an autistic child. “What struck me was how thankful his family was for little things like just making sure he had a place to sit for lunch,” she said. “That really got me thinking about what’s going to happen to him when he’s 22 and has aged out of special ed services.” Amanda’s capstone project is focused on determining whether there are transition programs … that involve training foster families and getting children prepared to move from the foster care system to a home.