What’s Your Major? Special Education


Mychaela Kelly ’17 always knew she wanted to work with children, but when she began working in a special education classroom, she discovered her passion for helping children with disabilities. “For me, it’s about collaboration,” she says. “I like that all these students can work together in a great environment…That’s why I really want to work in an inclusion classroom.”

“For me, it’s about collaboration.”

In Wheelock’s Special Education program, Mychaela says the classes are so small that she has really gotten to know the professors. “They’re all so great and knowledgeable,” she says. Mychaela notes that Special Education is a challenging field that is not for everyone. “If you’re thinking about it, to me that indicates that you have the passion for it. It’s not something that you just decide to do; it’s something you really have to think about. But if you have that drive, just go for it,” she says.