Wheelock Alumna Teaches Empowerment as Life Coach


Wheelock Alumna, Laurie Antonellis McAnaugh ’95MS Laurie Antonellis McAnaugh ’95MS earned a master’s degree in Early Childhood Development at Wheelock College after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Framingham State College. Today, she is a board-certified life coach with her own private practice — Access Your Power Life Coaching (choosetobepowerful.com). Based in Sagamore Beach, MA, she works with clients to create optimum personal and professional experiences and to strengthen their relationships.

Laurie was a teacher for three years, but after bed rest during her first pregnancy, she reevaluated her career path. She says: “After being on bed rest for six months, going into labor early, and wondering if that little person was going to make it, I couldn’t imagine not being home with him every day. It shifted my life a bit. I was intent on teaching, but after my son was born, I took jobs where I could bring him with me.”

After her daughter was born, Laurie began her career as an entrepreneur. She became a sales representative and immediately grew a sales organization of other reps she was responsible for training and coaching. “I fell in love with that piece,” she says, “working with women, sharing the benefits of becoming entrepreneurs, showing them how to support themselves.”

Eight years as a sales coach led Laurie to her interest in becoming a life coach, and she became certified to do so in 2010. She then became credentialed as a board certified life coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education in 2013. She credits her experience in sales as what helps her to guide her clients to unlock the reasons they hold themselves back from success.

Laurie says: “It’s the 80-20 rule in business we’ve all heard about. After coaching well over a hundred people over those eight years — 20 percent of the people did 80 percent of the sales. Why? I believe it was because only 20 percent believed they could do it. They believed they were worthy of success. They believed in what was possible. The monthly business meetings that I ran were a little bit about business and a lot about personal development and empowerment. The goal was to help people to believe what was possible in a deeper way, and we all became more motivated and clear on how to reach our goals and greater levels of success.”