Wheelock Alumni: Stay Connected and Keep in Touch

Wheelock College Alum Lois Mirsky Hello Wheelock Alumni,

My name is Lois Barnett Mirsky.  I graduated from Wheelock in 1954 (a very long time ago). Over these many years I have stayed active at the college as Alumni Director, Director of the Annual Fund, Trustee and currently as a Member of the Corporation.

There have been dazzling and spectacular changes at Wheelock since I was a student.  The college has grown in the number of students enrolled. It added a graduate school, a school of Social Work and a plethora of programs that make me long to return to school.  I would have loved to have helped children and families in Haiti, studied in Singapore, and welcomed foreign students to our campus.

Beautiful new buildings on the Riverway make a strong statement to passersby that Wheelock has presence and stature in the neighborhood and beyond,

When I was a student at Wheelock, we barely knew about the war in Korea and world affairs did not seem to impact our lives.  We had curfews on Wednesdays (8:00 p.m.) and on the weekends (1:00 a.m.).  Young men were not allowed past the first floor

We studied, smoked in a large room aptly named the Smoker, and knitted argyle socks for our boyfriends.  Believe it or not, we had to wear stockings, not socks, to dinner every night. And, we waited our turn to talk on the only telephone located in a booth on the first floor.

We made our way to our student teaching assignments by subway or with luck with a junior or a senior who had a car.  Working in settlement houses was also part of our learning experiences.  On Fridays we had tea in the living room of our dorm with our house mother and talked about our week.

As I now curtail writing about my days as a student, I invite you to read my monthly blogs. I’ll be writing about what’s going on at the college, about students who now travel to foreign countries, about alumni professionals who work with children and families in a variety of settings.

I will also be writing about advocacy and social policy and how we can influence legislation that positively affects children and families.  I believe that Wheelock alumni can be the best advocates for children.  I would love to hear from alums who are advocates today.

As we celebrate Wheelock’s 125th, I will remember that Lucy Wheelock’s mission of improving the quality of life for children and families is the very heart and soul of Wheelock today. 

You will be hearing from me again and I hope I will be hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Lois Mirsky