Senior Profile: Wheelock Gave Transfer Kyra Thomas A Path to Her Goals


“Before I came here, I didn’t think it was possible to be the person I am right now.”

And yet here Kyra Thomas sits, a graduating psychology major who knew Wheelock was her place from her first time at Transfer Orientation. After joining us from community college, she was supported on her path to graduation by transfer advisors who were there to keep her informed and on target- something she didn’t have at her previous school. Her time at Wheelock has made her confident she wants to work with young adults in a capacity that explores their mental health, “whether it’s fifty years from now, or next week.” But for now, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in social work or higher education- all while recognizing the immense role that Wheelock played in helping her learn. She is passionate about the role of education not just serving her, but also about learning to pass that knowledge to others: “Learning is something nobody can ever take from you. The more you learn, the more you’re able to share with other people.”