Wheelock College’s 2012 Convocation Ceremony

Last month, I attended the convocation ceremony at Wheelock College.  The ceremony took place in the Wheelock Family Theatre.  When I arrived at the theatre, I was pleasantly surprised that it was packed with students, faculty, and staff.  A convocation ceremony is a gathering where the campus comes together to celebrate the new school year.

President Jackie Jenkins-Scott gave the opening remarks.  It was exciting to see the faculty in their academic regalia (caps and gowns).  In addition, the authors of Wheelock’s summer reading book were invited to attend the event and speak to the audience.  This year’s summer reading book was Picking Cotton.  Both of the co-authors, Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton addressed the audience.  I felt that was a special treat for authors of Wheelock’s summer reading book to attend the convocation ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, the senior class received their tassels for the cap that they will wear during the commencement ceremony.  I thought that was neat because receiving your tassel becomes a rite of passage rather than something that is included with your purchase of a cap and gown.

This was my first convocation ceremony at Wheelock and I am already looking forward to next year’s ceremony.  I wonder which authors will participate in the ceremony next year…

Julie Convocation