Wheelock Graduate Kayla Drescher Is Ready For Life!

Kayla Drescher (Magician)

Wheelock College Senior Kayla Drescher Hometown: Wallingford, CT

Major: Performing Arts (with a focus in music), Math/Science (with a focus in environmental studies), and a minor in education. I also have a music theory certificate from Berklee College of Music.

Greatest Accomplishments: Oh goodness, that’s a tough question! One accomplishment I am very proud of is not only getting back to playing basketball (I stopped playing in high school and did not play freshmen year at Wheelock) and picking up a new sport (lacrosse), but also for getting 3 school records in basketball in only 3 years: most amount of blocks in a game, most amount of blocks in a season, and most amount of blocks in a career.

Another accomplishment I am proud of is getting my internship at the Museum of Science in the Live Animal Center, where I help take care of over 120 different animals. The internship has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am so lucky to have this opportunity.

But my greatest accomplishment is just growing up and becoming a mature individual. Throughout my four years at Wheelock, I have learned how to live on my own, take risks, and make things happen for myself. With help from professors, staff, and friends and family, I have found myself becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Service Work at Wheelock: I have done a lot of service work while at Wheelock, especially through athletics. As the Student Athlete Advisory Council Volunteer Coordinator, it is my job to promote service projects throughout all student athletes. Many of my teammates and I have gone to elementary and middle schools to do athletic workshops with underprivileged students. We have traveled to soup kitchens, fundraisers for important causes, and raised money for an alumni athlete working in the Peace Corps in Africa building schools.

Challenges: The most challenging thing about my work at Wheelock was trying new things and taking risks. A wonderful piece of advice I was given before coming to college was to write down everything I might want to try and try it once.

It was hard to take risks, meet new people, and try things I had never done before. For example, I had never been on a class council before. But it was a great decision and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had!

Most Passionate About: Another hard question! I am super passionate about sharing my love for learning about both art and about science. That is probably why I love teaching so much! I discovered my passion for science during my freshmen year here at Wheelock. Ever since then, I have been fascinated with the environment and how the world works.

I am also very passionate about performing. I have been performing since I was four years old. The stage has become my second home. I love making people smile and entertaining audiences.

Future Plans: That is a great question and I will gladly let you know in a few years! I would love to continue teaching, especially in the fields of both art and science. I will definitely continue performing magic for the rest of my life. As for specifics, I’ll have to get back to you!