Wheelock Offers City Living and a Chance to Grow


David Kain ’17, who is majoring in Special Education and History at Wheelock College, loves going to school in the heart of Boston. “I’m seeing skyscrapers and people on the sidewalk and there’s life wherever you go,” he says. “There’s a whole world in your backyard.” Working as a Wheelock tour guide allows Kain to get to know new students as well as show off everything that makes Wheelock and its Fenway Neighborhood location special.

In addition to his tour guide job, his schoolwork, and his field placements, Kain says he has found time to get involved on Wheelock’s campus. “We have plenty of opportunities to get involved,” he says. “One I’m really glad I took advantage of is FLOW, Fundamental Lyricists of Wheelock, which is a spoken word group. I got a chance to come out of my shell…I wrote a poem and went up on stage and performed it. I was shaking, but it really got me to be more comfortable with public speaking.”