Wheelock Participates in a Learning Exchange in Haifa, Israel.

Boston Jewish Community Relations Council Ceronne Daly, Wheelock’s Director of Pre-Collegiate and College Access Programs, is starting out 2012 exploring parts of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa in an effort to find out how students find peace in their lives there.

In the short video below, Ceronne explains how a Learning Exchange sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Boston will allow her to ask, listen and observe in ways that will ultimately benefit the students of Wheelock and Boston.

Ceronne works closely with the ‘Spark The Truth’ and ‘ Teacher Bound/Upward Bound’ programs at Wheelock, youth advocacy programs that help Wheelock students and Boston youth better understand the world beyond their neighborhoods.

Watch here in the coming days for more of what Ceronne is seeing, who she is meeting, and what she learning as she travels through Israel.