Wheelock president blogs for the Huffington Post

Earlier this week, Wheelock president Jackie Jenkins-Scott wrote on higher education reform for the Huffington Post . Her post, entitled “Reform Comes to Higher Education” discussed several big changes in higher education – specifically, adult learners and online learning.

According to Jenkins-Scott, “i t is no longer just K-12 education systems that need reform; higher education is desperately in need of change as well.” She goes on to explain that the demographic of the typical higher education student is no longer a young adult; the average student is now a “non-traditional learner” age 25 and older. These students learn in different ways and have different expectations of their learning experience, and must be approached accordingly.

She also discusses the development of online learning, and the ways that learning has evolved and will continue to do so. Modern learners have new expectations, and higher education institutions must adapt in order to keep up with technology and improvements.


The full article is available on the Huffington Post website . Let us know what you think!