WISE Learners’ Voice Blogs About Conference


Jenna Brashear, a representative of WISE Learners’ Voice, recently blogged about her visit to Wheelock College’s Global Challenges and Opportunities Conference:

One of my favorite comments from the first day of the Global Causes Conference was about teaching. In the music workshop, someone raised the point that if the teacher isn’t having fun, students won’t be either. As part of the Learners’ Voice program, I am part of the movement seeking to elevate the student and youth perspective in education discourses.

Beyond the broader implications of arts and youth involvement in their education, it was a wonderful way to begin the conference for us participants! In the same way it can build friendships, trust, and aspirations for social change in the classroom, the first day’s workshops in music, drama, and the visual arts served to do all of that for those of us lucky enough to attend Global Causes at Wheelock

Jenna Brashear recently graduated from Vanderbilt University, where she completed my Master of Public Policy in Education Policy.  While there, Jenna worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for a special education grant as well as a Graduate Fellow at the Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE).  She also worked as Programs Intern at the Institute for Higher Education Policy in Washington, D.C.