Woman and Womanhood


I am currently in the course Feminist Theories (HDS 322) with Dr. Sandra McEvoy. The course is challenging because topics that are unique to academics such as sexualities, education, and motherhood are discussed throughout feminist theory. The topics are equally different and similar to discuss. Dr. Sandra McEvoy assigns class readings that are informative while engaging you to want to read more. Feminist Theories is different than any other course I have taken at Wheelock College. As a class we were promoted with various questions and debates surrounding topics such as motherhood, sexualities, and education as an institution. During my studies in the course, I learned that each topic connect in order to empower and liberate women to through education. For example, many women are cat called on the street for no reason other than just being female. Modern society inherently imposes a threatening nature on woman resulting in oppression. The importance of acceptance in all communities, LGBT rights, sexual and reproductive rights, access to healthcare, and freedom are all components that the course inhibits.

I enjoyed the selected readings in this course. For instance, Dr. Sandra McEvoy selects specific theorists that correlate to debates surrounded by ideologies based on race, class, gender, and religion. The theories that govern each author’s standpoint epistemologies differ in variety, giving each reading a full spectrum of understanding. Dr. Sandra McEvoy exposes students to topics that trigger emotions such as sexual violence and rape. The topics are heavy but provide students with a foundation in feminist theory, which provides a framework for woman’s empowerment in a trusting and safe environment. Feminist theory can serve to uncover what defines women’s subordination in culture and create global prevention and awareness of women’s oppression in a patriarchal society. A major take- away from this course is to challenge society’s social norm in order to combat women’s oppression. Women can become liberated through education and obtaining objective knowledge as a strategy to trigger activism. Thus, women are able to embrace culture and become proud of whom he or she is.


Jessica Kuhn

Jessica Kuhn is a junior with a focus in Social Work.